If You Can Call it Living

Turns out there is life in Loughborough after all.  At first sight the place seems full of students and old people: you might think the students would add life but as OH says, they’re the wrong kind of students, ie the running and jumping kind rather than the partying and gigging variety.  But there is life: it’s rather like digging in a desert, where on the surface there’s nothing but just an inch or two below you find all manner of life-forms beavering away.  So to date I have found the Quakers, Emmanuel church, the Friday Room discussion group (a gathering of ‘progressives’) and now I am about to sample the delights of Loughborough’s very own junk food cafe, known here as the Utilise Social Cafe:


I have also been made aware of Monday evening courses on politics, plus a 38 Degrees group which meets monthly.  So that’s all good.  This evening we are going to Peter’s Pizza, officially the worst pizza in town (their reverse psychology seems to be working) in default of going to see ‘Silence’ which, since our schedules are so pathetically elderly, is Just Too Late.  I’m afraid 11.30 is past our bedtime.  Grrr.  It makes me feel like this couple:

Go to minute 23 – it’s brilliant.  And that’s my life…

Kirk out

2 thoughts on “If You Can Call it Living

  1. It sounds like here; almost as many community groups as there are people (out of the ones that take part in anything, that is), the same people on every “board” and if you ever need to contact the secretary for “one of the groups”, well you know where to find her.

  2. As far as the progressive groups go, you’re probably right, however the Quakers, church and Social Cafe feature very different people

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