Register to Vote. Do it Now.

Gosh, it’s a busy time of year, what with elections and gardening and so on.  Everywhere you look there’s a Tory that needs pulling up or a weed that needs voting out of office: all my little seedlings are bravely hanging in there, though they’re getting a battering from a stormy press, and the gardener goes from patch to patch encouraging the troops while the evil weed-scatterer sits in her lair and doesn’t come out to debate.

So – are you registered to vote?  Because if not you only have two days.  And if you’re considering not voting for whatever reason I’d like to make the following points:

Not voting is voting Tory.  If we don’t get everyone mobilised the Tories will get in, and then you can say goodbye to a publicly-funded NHS.  Think what Bevan and others went through to found our public health service; can we stand by and see it sold off?  Trump is waiting in the wings, rubbing his hands: he and his firms can’t wait to get their hands on it, and neither can people like Branson.  Want to pay to see your GP, to call an ambulance or stay in hospital?  Then don’t vote.  Because not voting in this election is voting Tory.

You may think your vote doesn’t matter.  But YOU matter.  Your views matter.  You may not agree with mine: that isn’t important.  What’s important is that you consider the options and use your vote.  Think about what people went through to get the vote for every adult, not just homeowners, not just men, but everyone.  Use it!

What do you care about in this election?  Use your vote to express that.  Do you care about fox-hunting, the ivory trade, the environment?  Do you care about schools, public health, transport?  Because, no matter what they say, this election is about a whole lot more than just Brexit.

Even so, what sort of Brexit do you want?  A ‘hard’ Brexit that takes no account of workers’ rights?  Or one which is negotiated to retain those rights?

Whatever you want, remember what Jean-Paul Sartre said.  You may not concern yourself with politics, but politics concerns itself with you.  If you don’t have a vote, you don’t have a voice – and they will be making policies that affect you, and me, and all of us.  Your vote matters.  So I’m urging you – I’m begging you – if you’re not registered to vote, then register now.

You have two days.

Here is the link.  It takes five minutes.

Kirk out

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