Bayeux Beware

The oldest cartoon strip in the world may be coming to Canterbury.  Horrible Histories has nothing on this huge story told frame by frame in sections measuring between three and eighteen feet – and if talks between Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May go well (and why wouldn’t they?  Everything’s been going swimmingly up to now) the tapestry will be coming to Britain.

The most famous scenes in the Bayeux Tapestry are of Harold being killed by an arrow (see above) and the first known representation of Halley’s Comet:

Bayeux Tapestry / B.T., 33, Halley's comet.jpg

Still, you can’t help wondering at the timing of this.  Why does Macron want to do this now?  Is it connected to Brexit?  Is he digging a virtual arrow in the ribs and sniggering at how, nine hundred years ago, we were overrun by Guillaume le Conquerant?  I think we should be told.

Whatever the reason, it will be fascinating to see it:

Plus, what with it having survived over nine centuries, that makes it almost as miraculous as Friends.

Kirk out