Hope is the thing with feathers, as Emily Dickinson said, and yesterday we were all in a pretty feathered state as we waited for 8 pm to arrive.  To be longlisted for the Hugo award is a pretty big deal; and as things stood yesterday morning Replicas was at no: 14, making it unlikely that it would be within the top five by evening.  But still there was hope, and all day we celebrated this unlooked-for good news, even going so far as to get a takeaway pizza and a bottle of wine in the evening.  It was terribly exciting, even though the announcements were about as low-key as you could get, with the live feed being just a screen in a bar somewhere in San Jose beamed onto youtube.  Sadly ‘Replicas’ did not feature in the shortlist, but since other categories featured the likes of Philip Pullman, Iain M Banks and an episode of ‘Black Mirror’, it was an honour just to be considered.  We’re hoping now that the publishers will put something on the book jacket, which should improve sales.

Here are the shortlisted works:

So if you haven’t already got your copy, here’s where to get something longlisted for the Hugo!!!


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