This Week Unintentionally Left Blank

Sorry folks, I’m busy painting this week so haven’t got around to blogging.  And as I’m slapping on the thickish emulsion I’m thinking about how paint used to be: thin as water, dripping everywhere, no rollers and needing three coats of everything.  Before thick paints came in it really was intolerable; no wonder people only decorated once every twenty years or so.  But the cleaning really is the worst thing; washing ceilings and tweaking the grime from its lurking-place behind the pipes, not to mention sanding radiators, it really is a pain.  You just wish you could gather the whole room up, bung it in the shower and then subject it to a brisk rub-down after which it could go for a nice jog to dry off and then you’d be ready.

But you can’t complain at the number of gadgets available to the modern decorator; from brushes that don’t splay out when drying (we used to wrap ours in rubber bands) to paint pads to rollers (imagine painting a ceiling without a roller!) to little gloss rollers (I love those) life is just so much easier nowadays.

In other news, we now have a new garden strimmer.  Daniel asked if we were going to name it.  Now I know I call the car Bertie but I thought this was going a bit far.  ‘What would we call it?’ I said.

‘Arnold,’ he rejoined.  Took me a moment to get it:


The song’s about 2 minutes in.

Off to give the ceiling a second coat now.

Kirk out

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