Oh Wow. A Whole Decade

I had a little notification in the corner of my page this morning.   ‘That’s odd,’ I thought, as I’m usually told of comments and followers via email and I had just checked my inbox.  I clicked on it and it informed me that it was TEN YEARS AGO TODAY!!! that I started this blog.  I won’t bore you with the details as regular readers have heard it all many times before, suffice it to say that Hanif Kureishi was partly responsible for setting me off on this path.  I suppose I really ought to do something deep and retrospective, like picking out my favourite posts or summarising my journey or selecting the best comments, but the very idea fills me with a reluctance so deep that I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard; so I shall just say Happy Anniversary to lizardyoga’s weblog and a particular shout-out to those readers who have been with me since the beginning.

Thinking about it, the last decade has seen my transition from teacher/part time writer to full-time author and performing poet, which is quite a big deal.  I was updating my CV the other week and it was quite startling how many things I’ve done, from the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square to Leicester Riverside Festival to Left Unity’s national conference and Quaker Yearly Meeting to Sing for Water at Leicester Riverside Festival.  Publications include poems in Mslexia, blogging for the same and short stories in Everyday Fiction.

Maybe soon I’ll get it together and find some retrospective links.  But right now I’m getting ready to go to Wales which includes checking the car tyres (am I the only one who hates doing this?  I think I have a subconscious fear of blowing up one of the tyres.)

So if you’ve been a reader of this blog since May 2008, please drop me a comment and let me know how the last ten years have been for you.

Kirk out

6 thoughts on “Oh Wow. A Whole Decade

  1. Congrats on the ten years of blogging; that seems like a whole lifetime, I’ve only been on WordPress for half that.

    The weather is nice over here in Wales at the moment, so I hope you have a good trip… I always did the whole tyre-checking (including the spare), oil and water thing; which reminds me, I need to clean my bike chain.

  2. I’ve only been here for six months, and I think I’ll stay. I too was selected for the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square. Gosh, it seems like such a long time ago now. I had the Monday 12-1 pm slot. Then I bottled it. It thought I’d get vertigo or be heckled, so I gave up my slot. A ventriloquist with a purple monkey took my place.

      1. I’ve been in the UK most of my life. Just a few years as an army brat in Germany. Only six months for the blog. I think I was being brave applying for the Trafalgar Square thing, but my anxiety about vertigo kept me awake… I couldn’t go through with it.

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