Out of Gas? Just Get Real!

Right now there is a supposed shortage of CO2 for chilling lagers and ciders.  Just as the world cup is on too…  Never mind, help is at hand.  Ditch all those cold and tasteless lagers and fake ciders and head for the handpump.  Don’t believe all the continental propaganda about British beer being warm; that’s bollocks.  It’s not warm; it’s just not chilled, and for a good reason – because it tastes of something!  You wouldn’t serve red wine chilled, would you?  Of course not, because you understand along with every Johnny Foreigner that red wine needs to be at room temperature for the flavour to emerge.  And so it is with real ale.  It doesn’t need to be at room temperature; the light, natural chill of a cellar will suffice to bring out the flavour of a Witch’s Tit or a Bastard Badger.  Actually outside of beer festivals most ales have perfectly normal names such as Harvest Pale or Smithson’s Mild.  But why in god’s name would you drink something cold and flavourless when such a cornucopia of real beer is available at the tug of a handle?

So never mind about the gas shortage – just get real!

Kirk out

2 thoughts on “Out of Gas? Just Get Real!

  1. I’d heard (tempted to say herd) about this strange shortage too; I thought the CO2 was for making drinks fizzy, that and knocking out animals before they’re slaughtered.

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