Le Shewee Est Arrive!

Yes, it’s here; the little piece of equipment that transforms any woman into a fully-functioning, go-anywhere, freewheeling sort of gal.  All you need is the cover of some bushes and you can pee standing up!  It arrived this morning and I tried it out – it worked brilliantly!  No drips, no mess, no spillage, just fully-directable stream-of- stream-of- well, not exactly consciousness but you know what I mean.  Many times both recently and in the past I have had to examine bushes to see if they provide not only cover but also nettle-free areas in which to squat; and even if I find such an area it’s a hell of a performance peeing without getting any on your shorts and underwear.  But now I can say goodbye to all that (as Robert Graves once said) and pee standing up.  It is a joy.


It’s a lovely shade of pink, just so I don’t get confused about my gender…

Kirk out