Gone to Neasden? RIP Denis Norden

In a vain attempt to attract the attention of my apparently non-existent readers, here’s a post on Denis Norden who has just popped his comedy clogs aged 96:


Frankly I was surprised he was still alive as no doubt was he, since he’d been going since the war.  If I’m honest I remember him as a bit of an old fart, someone with a rather ponderous and long-winded comedy style.  Here he is being brilliantly lampooned by Rory Bremner (it’s about 14 minutes in):

He was one half of a writing duo with Frank Muir, whose humour tended towards the debonair and erudite, as witnessed in ‘Call My Bluff’:

He and Muir were among the foremost comedy writers of their day; penning such great series as ‘Take it From Here’ and the slightly disturbing sado-masochistic ‘Whacko’ starring Jimmy Edwards, who had a moustache you could steer mountain bikes with:

But what I remember most is ‘It’ll Be Alright on the Night’ which showed amusing outtakes in an era with no youtube.  Check this out (skip the first five minutes):

RIP Denis.  Sorry I didn’t appreciate you.

Kirk out