Not Inside Number 9, Not Live: Alive? No

‘Inside No 9’ is a sporadic and eclectic TV series (is it comedy?  Is it farce?  is it just weird?) whose only thematic link is a connection to the number 9.

I’ve enjoyed many of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s previous efforts and was intrigued to see they had a live episode on.  Except that because I have a life * I missed it.  Not to worry, everything’s on catch-up these days, so on the jolly old i-player we jolly well went in order to catch it up.

Oh dear.  I don’t know if this was any better live but it started off weird and got weirder.  A scene about a lost mobile phone seemed to drift into several parallel universes which far from being explained were interrupted by the sort of thing that used to happen a lot when most TV was live; a screen saying ‘oops, we fucked up.  Sorry.  Back soon’ or words to that effect: the sort of thing you occasionally get when trying to open a broken link on your computer.  Well a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey sort of screen came up and we thought, hang on, is this part of the programme? and carried on thinking it for several minutes.  I really can’t be bothered to describe the rest of the episode because it made no sense to me at all.  About fifteen minutes in I was bored and by twenty I’d lost the will to live: I only made it through because OH kept saying to me, ‘Come on!  Give it a chance!’  Well reader, I gave it that chance and I have to say it sucked.

Did any of you watch it live?  Was it any better?  The New Statesman seems to think so:

and so does the Guardian:

Kirk out


* I don’t really