And Finally, Cyril

Sometimes the universe hates me.  This is not just a perception of mine, nor is it connected to the fact that I definitely got out of bed the wrong side this morning: it is an actual fact.  The universe hates me and wants to thwart my every effort.  First, the laptop started playing up again and wouldn’t let me do the crossword (except in the sense of being cross about the words I couldn’t fill in.)  Then when I needed to edit a story and send it off, I couldn’t.  Nope, not one s

Here’s an example: you see the text below?  No?  No, neither do I because the effing laptop just deleted it!   Then before you can say ‘no deal Brexit’ (I’m trying so hard not to think about that) it decided I didn’t need to blog any more and closed the tab.  I swear to God…

OK.  Deep calming breaths because I may – just may – have learned something here.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  Meanwhile, pausing only to save this draft at the end of every sentence, I shall continue.  Where was I?  Oh yes, not one s-

Yes.  Not one s-entence, not one word, not a single apostrophe or hair on the head, would it let me change.  OK then, I’ll send it off as it is.  After a great deal of juggling and cursing I managed to copy and paste the text.  Whew.  But my ordeal was not over: first I had to confirm that ‘I am not a robot.’  Most sites are content to simply let you tick the box and confirm your humanity, not oh no – not this one.  It was one of those captcha things I absolutely dread.  You know the ones.  You’ve got eight or ten pictures of various indecipherable scenes and it asks you to ‘check’ (ie tick) all the ones with store fronts.  How the hell are you supposed to tell whether a bunch of blurry bricks constitute a store front?  I tried about six of these (I never get them right and it really annoys me) before finally realising that because it was one of those sites which rejects everything you’ve done until you get one small detail right, the problem was in fact with my ‘website’ address.  Most people are happy with but not this one: they wanted the full complement of https’s and colons and backslashes.  Anyway the thing’s sent off now, albeit in very rough form.

But if there’s a silver lining here it’s this: I have a sneaking suspicion that sometimes my first thoughts are my best thoughts.  Sometimes I feel that in editing and re-editing I’m actually spoiling the original vision.  Certainly the few things I’ve done recently which were just off the top of my head seem to work quite well.  So that’s a bit of a puzzler, if it’s true.

Anyway, the thing I sent off today was a 500-word piece based on a cartoon.  It’s a prompt I get monthly from Visual Verse:

Kirk out