I Have Taken to my Bed

I don’t recall the last time I was ill enough to stay in bed for more than a few hours, but today makes the third day I have inhabited my pit.  The first day I slept till about 3 pm, the second till about 2, and today I may get up after lunch but we’ll see how it goes.  Apparently the cough that seized my lungs and held them hostage was no mere random mucus but a Malevolence that had been Doing The Rounds, grasping the respiratory systems of the vulnerable and forcing them to expectorate mightily.  But it wasn’t the cough that carried me off, it was the post-infection fatigue; and had I not heard from a reliable source that this infection ‘wipes people out’ for long periods I’d have wondered what on earth was happening.  Still I suppose we should be thankful that it doesn’t literally wipe out huge populations like the plague or the flu epidemic after the First World War.

OH is looking after me beautifully, the breakfast of my choice now sits in front of me consisting of toast, roibos and herbal expectorant (the toast may have been a mistake though as the state my mouth is in, it feels like chewing breeze blocks.)  In the meantime I write random thoughts, do the crossword and watch stuff on Netflix.

See you on the other side.

Kirk out