Good News is No News (2)

When you’ve been writing a blog for as long as I have you can’t help the same titles coming up again and since WordPress fails to inform me of the fact I did my own search and found this post on the London Olympics which contains the immortal line, ‘You can’t ruin the same duvet cover twice.’  Well with the hindsight of seven years I’m not so sure: I managed to create a large black blot in the shape of Ireland simply by leaving a felt writing pen on the bed.  But this is all by the by.  Right now bad news seems to be everywhere, both nationally and globally and what with knife crime, sexual assault, plane crashes and global warming it’s hard to find even one bit of good news.  But there’s a reason for that, as this Stephen Pinker article points out – bad news travels faster than anything.  (Actually I think that was Douglas Adams who invented a spaceship powered by bad news.)

The Pinker article below suggests that things are not as bad as they seem; in fact many negative phenomena are on the decline.

I am recovering slowly from this post-viral fatigue but still not good.  Frankly I feel like a plant that’s had all its sap removed.

Kirk out

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