Project Slow

Recovery from this thing that I’m calling post-viral fatigue is slow but sure.  Since everyone who’s had it says not to overdo things I’ve been not overdoing things, but when the brain is recovered and screaming like a toddler that it’s bored, it’s hard not to get busy.  This morning I went to see the nurse about my persistently blocked ears (‘keep up the good work and we’ll syringe them next week’ was the verdict) I found myself quite tired after walking there and back.  Yesterday I managed some Spring cleaning (at least that’s what I’m calling it) and some serious guerrilla war on the ivy which is strangling our hedge – these activities being spaced out with long rests in between, were manageable.  But today I reverted to my usual brisk walking pace to get to the doctor’s.  Result: fatigue.  As Mr Mickawber might have said: ‘Energy  rising, expenditure low – result, recovery.  Energy rising, expenditure high – result, fatigue.

Ah well.  Fortunately I have nothing on till next week and no employers phoning me up to ask when I’ll be back at work (I have managed to placate my inner gangmaster by simply telling him to eff off.)  In the meantime I’m listening to the excellent series A Terrible Country on radio 4.

Needless to say Project Fast has been postponed until I’m 100% better; it does not seem sensible to deplete my strength further by fasting, so it remains to be seen how much of Lent will be left by that time.

Kirk out