While You Were Out…

I try to shop in actual places as often as I can, but when you’ve walked all the way to B&Q because your car has a flat battery and the website says they sell jump leads, only to discover when you arrive that the car-care section has been reduced to a couple of square inches in aisle 64, what can you do?  It’s too far to walk to Halford’s in my current condition and I don’t like Halford’s anyway, so I did what I had to do: I clicked and I ordered.  And lo! the jump leads came.

I have to confess, I’m way out of my comfort zone with all this stuff, not only because I don’t know much about it (cars I mean) but because any men you ask are likely to indulge in a prolonged bout of mansplaining which will leave you feeling two inches tall and none the wiser.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong about this: my neighbour was only too willing to help and confessed he ‘hadn’t a clue’ about using jump leads – in fact most of the people I spoke to had never used them. 

This is what’s happening with technology nowadays; people are becoming de-skilled.  Not only do we not know how to fix our cars, we couldn’t if we did because the whole thing has to be hooked up to a computer and done by a recognised mechanic.  I think my car is the last generation of vehicles to have no computerised components.

Well, once the neighbour and I had failed to locate his negative terminal another neighbour came across, one with experience, it appeared.  He offered a battery charger.  I accepted.  In the meantime more neighbours came to join us, so at one point half the street was leaning in and inspecting my innards (so to speak.)  The battery was on charge all night and lo! nothing happened.  I’m going to put it back in and try it, just in case the indicator’s not working, but my hopes are not high.  I fear a new battery is required.

Oh well.  Could be worse; it’s not like it needs a new engine.

And of course since the new jump leads were being delivered and since we were in all day except between 1.30 and 3.30, guess when the delivery window was?  Yep.

Lucky the son was awake…

Kirk out