Did You ‘Like’ It? Or Just Read It?

OK I need your help here because my stats don’t add up. I’ve suspected for some time that they did not adequately reflect the number of visitors to the blog. How probable is it that you get twelve visitors and twelve ‘likes’? What really tipped the balance though was when I had more likes than visitors – now that just ain’t possible. So can you do me a favour? If in the last week or two you’ve read a post without liking or commenting, could you drop me a word or two below? Just one word will do and then I’ll know.


Kirk out

5 thoughts on “Did You ‘Like’ It? Or Just Read It?

  1. When I like a post (on anyone’s blog) it’s generally because I’ve read it, sometimes it may have been a skim read and I like the points raised, maybe it is just a post for me to ponder and digest but without anything I can formulate a comment. The Like also acts as a tag for myself so I can see I have read something; handy if I find myself back at the post and unsure if I did indeed read it. I’m aware that there are a number of bloggers who Like without actually reading, perhaps they’re liking the title or a tag, perhaps just to get me to check out their blog in return. Sometimes likes are received too soon after I’ve posted a lengthy piece for me to be convinced the liker could have read it through so soon.

    I would guess that the greater number of likes to visitors comes about from being able to see a post (at least the first few lines) and Like it without actually visiting the blog, such as within WordPress’s “Reader”.

  2. I find frequently that the stats don’t make sense. It may be a way of getting users to upgrade their WP account–surely their business account stats are more reliable.

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