Yellow Globe Seen in Sky

Just now I felt a wave of unwonted warmth. At the same time the sky lightened and I caught a glimpse of something round and yellow. What could be happening? I searched the recesses of my memory and came up with a word, something like soon or son – no wait, sun! That was it, sun! I remember that.

Ah, how quickly we forget! A week of incessant rain and all memory of the hot, sunny weather which has predominated since – well, February – is washed away. Just a few days of gloomy skies and non-stop precipitation, and the bright mornings and long sunset evenings are quite flushed down the drain. But since this week’s relentless news of Boris’s rise to power (will no-one rid us of this turbulent beast?) I have another nightmare. Remember the sun in the Teletubbies? I close my eyes and I see Boris, all haystack hair and manic grin, shining down on us all summer long.

BoJo really is this nation’s answer to Trump: once the NightMayor of London, now soon to be Prime Minister, a self-serving, capricious, lying climate-change denier and purveyor of tax cuts to the rich – oh, and listen to what he said when Gordon Brown was appointed PM without having won an election:

I really am going to emigrate, I swear.. but where will I go? Scotland I think – it’s the only sensible place left.

Kirk out

9 thoughts on “Yellow Globe Seen in Sky

  1. These are exciting time for you. As your pal ‘Boris’ (he must be your pal, because you continue to refer to him by the name he prefers the plebs to know him by; his real friends call him ‘Al’) gets closer and closer to the centre of power, you must be positively moist at the prospect of all the things he promises to deliver: tax cuts for those earning £50,000 or more per annum (that’s obviously you) and a No Deal Brexit to satisfy the combination of Home Counties reactionaries and tattooed chavs from sink estates who will feel ‘betrayed’ and ‘riot’ if it doesn’t happen.

    Oh, yes: ‘Boris’ is your pal, alright…..

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