I’m in a phase of winding down for the summer now and I may not be posting much; however I shall try to find some golden oldies to reblog in my absence, re-release a few of my greatest hits, so to speak. This summer is going to be different from usual in that I have a friend who will be moving house and needing help – but the big news is… drum roll… yes, I am shortly going to be a Grandmother!!!

I haven’t mentioned this before for reasons which are probably rooted in superstition – a reluctance to tempt fate by breaking the news too early – but now it can be revealed: Holly is eight months pregnant and due to give birth at the beginning of August. She asked me what I wanted to be called and I didn’t even have to think about it – of all the grandmotherly titles the coolest has to be Gran. Incidentally, do you remember this Gran? I’d quite like to be her as well…

It makes you rethink everything, being a grandparent. My main feeling for months was one of panic: ‘help! I’m not ready to be a grandmother!’ For weeks OH and I looked at each other thinking ‘Grandparents? Us?’ much as we did when I was expecting Holly when we found a brilliant cartoon with two adults looking at each other in bewilderment saying ‘Parents? Us?’ (It was in this book.) But a new baby changes all the relationships in a family. You find yourself examining how you brought up the children, wondering if you did a good enough job and how differently your children will raise their offspring. You find yourself searching for paddling pools and books and toys, you catch yourself resurrecting forgotten stories and nursery rhymes (how does The Hungry Caterpillar go again?)

So August could be very busy; we’ll have to see how things pan out.

Kirk out