A High of 31 Degrees and a Low of 53 Years

As I write in the UK it is scheduled to hit a 31-degree high and a 53-year political low (since Suez) with the doom that awaits in the shape of Boris Johnson. I don’t think they have exit polls with this type of thing as it’s done by postal vote but all pundits agree that this is the probably outcome. As if Brexit itself weren’t enough, Johnson looks like being our Trump, a self-serving narcissist hell-bent on power for its own sake (even Max Hastings doesn’t trust him, for god’s sake!) all set to dissolve Parliament and drive us off a cliff in the interests of – well, I’m not sure what exactly but no-one will benefit from a no-deal Brexit. The best we can hope for is that so many of his MPs would desert him (two have already resigned and more have refused to serve under him) that he’d lose a vote of no confidence and be forced to call a general election. Labour seem finally to be lurching towards a coherent policy on the two things that have held us back over the last couple of years: anti-semitism and the dreaded B-word. We have launched a website and educational documents about anti-semitism and seem now finally to be backing a ‘people’s vote’ on the final deal, if not a second referendum. Yes, these things should have been done two years ago but hey, better late than never.

Brexit really is a Gordian knot; whichever way you look there’s no clear solution. Thankfully we Brits are dab hands at the good old-fashioned fudge, which is probably what it’ll turn out to be in the end.


It’s enough to make you go and live in Scotland. It’s bloody cold but at least they have sensible policies.

Additional: after his vote was almost double that of Hunt, I have now decided that BoJo stands for ‘beyond a joke’

Kirk out

5 thoughts on “A High of 31 Degrees and a Low of 53 Years

  1. Rather, Trump is the US’s extreme version of Boris. And since Trump got into “power” I think that may well finally pave the way for Boris – I’ve always thought it should happen at some point, not for anything serious to happen, but just for the giggles. It’s the nature of the times. If I was interested in voting for anyone, I’d vote for Boris, providing he still arrives to work on a bicycle. I think Trump should do that too.

  2. It can only work is Corbyn goes. And go he must. No Labour leader has ever won a GE on the second attempt, having failed at the first (witness Kinnock in the 80s and Attlee in the 50s). Corbyn is a liability. The dustbin of history must claim him!

  3. Don’t know what you mean. I’m like everyone else and only have my nose down watching funny things such as cats and other animals. Far more rewarding than what you’re talking about.

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