Only Eleven Days to Go!

As I write there are just eleven days to go before my first grandchild is due. I’m convinced that it’s going to be a girl, for no reason at all except gut instinct, and I also think she’ll be a few days late. The other day I woke about 4 a m convinced that Daughter was in labour; turns out she thought something was about to happen too. But it didn’t.

Statistically I seem to think first-time mothers are more likely to be late than early, though I hope it’s not too late as you can get very uncomfortable. If she’s born on August 2nd that’ll be interesting because that was my Mum’s birthday.

I’m obviously not the most important person in this scenario but a baby changes everything and everyone. All the relationships in the family change; brothers become uncles, parents become grandparents and two bewildered individuals find themselves in charge of a tiny scrap of humanity entirely dependent on them for everything. It’s quite overwhelming. Still, I think Daughter and Fiance are as well-prepared for this as anyone can be and I have every confidence in them.