Go to the Gym? Moi?

Some while ago it was suggested to me that I might take advantage of a GP referral scheme and get myself referred to a local gym. This seemed a good idea as not only am I lacking in cardio-vascular exercise, I could also accompany Son to his gym. Pausing only to procrastinate and forget for a few weeks, I eventually found out more. You have to have one of a list of lifelong health conditions (hypo-thyroidism didn’t qualify but asthma did) and then go for a nurse’s appointment and fill in a form. All went smoothly and I was referred onto a six-month scheme at the local gym.

It was with slight trepidation that I walked in since my previous experiences of gyms have involved impossibly thin lycra-clad women running at twenty miles an hour on the machines and huge macho men literally throwing weights around. But this could not have been more different. The man giving my induction was soft-spoken and camp and the place was full of friendly and non-threatening older people. I did my first proper session yesterday and it felt great; not too strenuous at all (if you’re interested my session involves ten minutes on the running machine – I’m at a brisk walk at the moment – followed by a sequence of lifting, pulling, stretching and pushing on machines designed to work different muscle groups. After this it’s ten minutes on the exercise bike and then I’m done, apart from the cooling-down stretches.) I thought I might feel stiff today but I was fine. That’s yoga for you…

I’m going to go twice a week. It’s brilliant. Then when I get really thin and macho I can go to the gym with Son.

Kirk out

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