We Have a Granddaughter!!!

In the early early hours of yesterday morning (at 1.02 am to be precise) a tiny new being slipped into the world. Maisie Gray Haughey, 6 lb 10 oz or 3 kg exactly, was born on August 11th at Doncaster Royal Infirmary in the presence of father Tom, Gran (moi) midwife and of course mother Holly. She cried only a very little and was put to the breast but didn’t seem to want much so spent her first half-hour or so ‘skin-to-skin’ with her mother while other things happened such as delivery of the placenta, cutting the cord and stitching a tiny but complicated tear. The staff couldn’t have been better and labour was hard but active and entirely without intervention – only the TENS machine and later some gas and air.

Maisie Gray Haughey, born August 11 6lb 10oz

Kirk out

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