NoNoNoNaNovember is the Loneliest Month…

How’s your day so far? Mine has been very productive; I started with an access of zeal, what with it being the first day of Nano, and it went uphill from there. So far I’ve written 762 words and I need to get to 2,883 so there’s a way to go yet, but I’ve decided to do it in three short bursts (could be 2, or 4. But 5 is right out…) anyway, it’s been flowing quite well so that’s a good start. One thing that helped me a lot was the Nano Facebook group. It was worth joining for the sharing and support; November can be a lonely month as you bash out your three thousand words (give or take) on your lonely laptop and I wanted to run an idea past my fellow Nano-ers. Often I find myself writing planning notes which then turn into semi-sentences and often bloom into full paragraphs. So my question to my fellows was: do you/should you include any or all of these words in your total count? The responses were very positive and encouraging, so I went right ahead and included them all.

There’s something about the number three today. This morning’s reading included this thought:

Affirming people’s potential is more important than reminding them of their brokenness.

I thought that was brilliant, and at the end of the post Richard Rohr (for it was he) encouraged us to return to these thoughts several times throughout the day. So I shall now do this.


Mm. That was good. If you want to get these meditations in your inbox you can sign up here. Anyway, back to Nano. So far I have titles for about eight stories in the collection – working title ‘Side of a Bus’ – all of which are related to Brexit but which actually have little or nothing to do with that subject. Anyway, I shall come back to this post and update it throughout the day, so keep checking back! Comments are appreciated, especially encouraging ones.

Kirk on hold… aaaaaaand I’m back. I’ve done my 3,000 words today (give or take) and it actually wasn’t too bad. Whether I can keep this up next week remains to be seen, but for now I’m off to fold leaflets and stuff envelopes at Labour Party HQ.

Have a good weekend.

Kirk out