Picture This…

I guess I’ve posted enough pictures of myself over the years for you to know what I look like, but those of you new to this blog may not be familiar with my features so I’m wondering what mental picture you have of me. I certainly have mental pictures of bloggers I follow, pictures which are probably wildly inaccurate and which I tremble to describe lest they should cause offence (not that they are in themselves offensive, just slightly odd). I guess the picture I have comes partly from the name, since we all have images associated with different names, and partly from the content and prose style. One of the bloggers I follow is in my mind spare and middle-aged with a sardonic smile; another is short and portly and a third was, until yesterday rangy, slightly balding with a moustache but no beard – a bit like the descriptions of Mr Weasley in the Harry Potter books (not the films). All such illusions dispelled when yesterday I plunged into Brian’s (for it was he) Day-in-the-Life vlog. Gosh, what a disparity between my mental picture and the figure before me! I continue to be super-impressed by the amount of sheer cycling that man gets up to, as well as the – what did he call it? Plogging, I think – the picking up of litter on his journey. Anyway, here’s the vlog.

It’s a bit like watching yourself on video – the shock comes not from thinking yourself unattractive so much as from the disparity between your mental image and the figure that confronts you. The inside does not match the outside.

As far as Nano goes, I reached 11,000 yesterday and will aim for 14,000 today. That way if I need a day off I’ll be 3100 words ahead of myself by the end of the week.

Kirk out