As You Can Imagine…

Dear Friends,

As you can imagine, like many people I’ve been in a state of something like mourning for the last few days. Friday’s terrible results signalled not only the loss of hope but also the realisation of nightmare. The worst has come to pass and like Julius Caesar the terrible twinset of Johnson and Trump now bestride the narrow world like colossi. I won’t say much today as I am in the process of getting together some thoughts about why we lost, why I supported Corbyn and why I think Johnson won. I shall try to avoid an oversimplistic narrative, difficult though that is, and aim for understanding. Above all I shall think about what we can do to perpetuate a spirit of kindness and mutual tolerance in these dark days.

In the meantime many of us are going through what feels like mourning. It’s as if a much-loved friend has suddenly died in the most horrible circumstances – a motorway pile-up, perhaps, or a terror attack – and even though we knew they were in danger, we never envisaged the scale of it. That’s how it feels.

I won’t say any more now but, in the words of that abysmal series, ‘be excellent to one another.’

Kirk out