Bar Humbug

This will be my last blog post for a few days so I shall take this opportunity to wish all my readers and followers a very happy Christmas. Thank you for being a part of this small but perfectly-formed community and for all the likes, comments and links to other blogs which I have enjoyed reading. So whilst we gear up to enjoy the televisual and culinary delights of the season I shall leave you with a few suggestions for the festive period.

If you have time with family, enjoy. If you can’t enjoy, be both true to yourself and compassionate towards others.

If you see a homeless person, be kind. Offer a coffee and a mince pie. If you have time, help out at a homeless centre.

If Christmas is hard for whatever reason, look after yourself. And don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas which is, of course, the new (and slightly delayed) series of Dr Who!

Merry Christmas. May Santa bring you all you desire

Kirk out