Good Ovoning

I bogin my blog post to you this ovoning on tho promiso that ovory fifth lottor of the alphabot has boon roplacod by tho lottor ‘o’. It was Tho Two Ronnios who startod this, way back in 19… and I thought it was timo somoono took it up again. It’s quito spoctacularly hard not to typo the fifth lottor of the alphabot as it is the most commonly used lottor in the Onglish Languago. I can’t find the original skotch so horo is a famous ‘Mastormind‘ skotch instoad.

I have now thankfully rediscovered the letter ‘e’ and can continue as normal. I generally watch ‘Mastermind’ along with ‘University Challenge,’ the latter being in my opinion the only quiz show on TV with any intellectual rigour. There’s a real pleasure in being able to answer a handful of questions on UC; however I’m not good against the clock so only usually manage half a dozen in the general knowledge round of ‘Mastermind.’ But the so-called ‘celebrity’ version leaves a great deal to be desired: not only are the ‘celebrities’ mostly complete unknowns to me, they display a quite startling level of ignorance. When asked for the name of the 17-year-old Swedish girl who is a prominent campaigner on climate change, the actor who plays Robyn in ‘Casualty’ (I recognised her at least) could only take a stab at ‘Sharon’? Not that she actually thought it was Sharon, just that this was the first name to come to her.It’s here, about 25 mins in.

Whilst the Xmas UC is now over (much more relaxed and fun than the usual version and featuring some people who are actually famous for something) the New Year TV hasn’t really kicked in yet, apart from ‘Dr Who’. I like Jodie Whittaker a lot and this series looks to be much better than the last. But there’s a good lineup for late winter and spring; some more of Killing Eve, yet another series of ‘Line of Duty’ (which I never quite got into) and best of all, more of the deeply nourishing ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ which I absolutely love. And while I’m waiting for all this I’m enjoying once again a trawl through ‘Episodes‘ on Netflix.

So that’s all good.Once again, I wish you a happy new year.

Kirk out

PS – just to show how hard it is, I went through this three times taking out rogue letter ‘e’s and there’s still one left. Can you spot it?