Yes! We Made it! And the 500th Follower is…

Wow. You guys really stepped up yesterday. I told you we were two followers short of a retinue and you followed me in – well, not droves exactly but there was a definite spike. I shall now reveal who the 500th follower is…

Drum roll… it’s….Last Flying Cow, whose blog can be read here:

So, Last Flying Cow (if that is indeed your real name) thanks for following and please step forward to claim your prize. You can choose between a guest blog post (to be posted before the end of March) or a FREE e-book of poetry. The choice is yours, but get in touch now and congratulations on being my 500th follower. To the rest of you, commiserations but I offer this shoutout: via GIPHY.

OH: (looking at GIF) Oh, minions

Me: Do you like Minions?

OH: I have no strong opinions about Minions.

And to the rest of you – my heartiest thanks for being here. I really appreciate you all – it gives a real fillip to my day to see a little yellow dot on my notifications and to see I have another follower.

Happy Tuesday.

Kirk out

8 thoughts on “Yes! We Made it! And the 500th Follower is…

  1. Ahh! This is great! I’m so glad to have been a part of such a milestone! I would love a “guest-post” but also the poetry! Mmm… Choices ..choices! Because my blog functions in many alternate universes I’m sure we can work something out!! – Kind regards Matt

  2. Brilliant! Just so I know, do you prefer serious or comic poetry? Any themes you prefer, such as climate change, politics, poetry of place, feminism? Or do you want it just as it comes?

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