Did You Miss Me?

I doubt whether you did; you were probably far to busy getting on with Saturday to wonder where I was, but in case you were wondering, I was Not Here. I was in fact elsewhere, and from now on every Saturday I shall be elsewhere. I shall be inhabiting what we are please to call the real world. I shall be interacting in real time with flesh-and-blood people. I shall be reading books and newspapers. I shall be thinking or cooking or walking or writing some random dreamy thoughts. I may be sleeping or eating or chatting or drinking tea. I could be shopping or dreaming or planning or scheming. I will certainly be washing my hands – but I will not be on Facebook or this blog or email or on my phone. The TV will remain dark.

I tried it last week and a day of unplugging worked so well that OH and I decided we’d do it together. OH’s current obsession is Judaism, working through something called Daf Yomi which is reading the Talmud every day and arguing endlessly about its ramifications. This is something that completely does my head in but OH claims to get a great deal from it so who am I to argue? Anyway it leads to us following one of the traditions together and turning everything off at sunset on the Friday and back on again at the same time on Saturday.

So from now on if you want me between those hours I shall be unavailable. Unless of course you want to buy me a beer – because then I am always available.

Kirk out

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