Lockdown? Moi?

No disrespect to anyone suffering right now; I don’t ignore those on the front line without proper equipment or those who’ve lost loved ones: it’s just that right now I’m quite enjoying myself. I’m really appreciating having some time out; time where I don’t have to organise anything or interact with anyone (unless I want to) time to reflect, time to read, time to Not go shopping (yes I realise I split an infinitive there but hey! that’s just where I’m at right now. A propos of which I want to show you this, which amused me:

cARtOONSdAY: “wALK oN bY” | Booker's Blog
image removed on request

That gave me a laugh. I’m fortunate in that I live in a reasonably-sized house where I can get away from other people; and that we have a garden. I feel sorry for those cooped up in flats – it must be intolerable. But I get to sit in the garden for an hour or so after lunch and read; I get to watch lots of TV without feeling bad about it, and I don’t have to make decisions about whether we should go out and if so where.

Even so, yesterday I broke curfew and went to Sainsbury’s. I’d been more than a week without alcohol and something just snapped; I’d had a difficult day and I just had to have some. So I checked out the aisles, saw they were reasonably quiet and zoomed in, armed with plastic gloves and facial scarf. I have never seen the place so empty and I was pleased to see screens at all checkouts and staff enforcing the two metres distancing rule. I resisted the temptation to stock up on other things and bore home in triumph a couple of moderately-sized wine boxes and a case of assorted Greene King ales.

Lovely. So now I’m all set for another couple of months…

Kirk out

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