Perhaps the happiness of an occasion is in inverse proportion to the expectations you have of it – but whether that is true or not, I did have low expectations of yesterday and yesterday did turn out to be much better than anticipated. Of course, OH maintains that one should always have low expectations and that way you won’t be disappointed, but I will not be sucked into the dystopian murk that is the mind of OH. Nevertheless I had a good birthday. It began with a lovely faux-leather bound, gold-edged copy of the Greek New Testament in its own box, continued with a delightful card and carried on with a steady stream of presents including some t-shirts, a box set of I Claudius and one of the original Forsyte Saga plus some Neil’s Yard face cream. But I think I told you this yesterday. Are you paying attention? I hope so, cos I’m not… in the evening we had a selection of Indian snacks plus chips and dips (including the incomparable mango chutney, possibly the most delicious condiment ever created) and a bottle of Rioja (possibly the best wine ever created) while watching Ambulance (weird choice I know but it’s very compelling) followed by I, Claudius (or I, Clavdivs as OH persists in calling it.) It’s a great series but rather slow by modern standards and very indoorsy, no outside stuff at all. If Derek Jacobi hadn’t set such an impossibly high standard (not to mention a stellar cast including Sian Phillips and the wonderful John Hurt as Caligula) a remake might be on the cards. But although you could improve on the production values you could never improve on the acting.

Oh, and in the afternoon Daniel and I sat in the hour or so of sunshine we were allotted before the thunder while he taught me to play poker. I’m afraid I beat him hands down.

So that was yesterday, a day when all my troubles really did seem so far away and I felt blessed to have people who love me.

Kirk out