Scattering the Ashes of My Thoughts

It’s hard to know what to watch sometimes – it’s great having lots of choice but sometimes the sheer welter of TV shows can be mind-boggling. First you have to narrow it down by thinking, What am I in the mood for? Then you trawl the appropriate category and are confronted by loads of – in the case of last night – sitcoms you’ve never heard of starring people you only vaguely recognise (or don’t.) It’s much easier when a series has been widely reviewed and trailed, as Mrs America was, because having heard about this I immediately knew a) what it was about and b) who was starring in it which led me to decide that c) this was a must-see. But ours is an age of drama in which sitcom can be very hit-and-miss, so it was lucky that I clicked on The Other One. I’ll come to that in a minute.

My thoughts have been very scattered, the last couple of days. My active brain has been waking me too early and then the days have been buzzing with events. Parcels have been arriving and people have been admitted to hospital including, as we finally found out yesterday, a close relative. Said relative is elderly but likes to be independent. Fine. But independence is one thing, being incommunicado is another and the result is, we have no contact numbers for said relative other than their own (poorly functioning) mobile and a landline which was going persistently to voicemail. I finally found the number of the council department which manages the sheltered housing. I was put through to someone who put me through to a manager who offered to email the warden who might know what was going on. Email! No thank you, we’d like to know today, not next week. She did phone him; he called me back, I just missed the call, my voicemail crossed with his but in the end we did get to speak. He turned out to be very pleasant and caring (phew) but couldn’t tell us much more than confirming that said relative was in fact in hospital. Another phone call to the Royal where staff happily were able to tell me exactly where they were and on which ward. Yet another call to the ward who finally gave us the information we wanted. (Don’t worry, it’s not life-threatening and it’s definitely not the virus.)

None of which was conducive to concentration, and for the rest of the day I got very little work done indeed. Today may be better, but we’ll see…

Anyway, having finished Mrs America last night I needed some comedy (it’s a brilliant series but quite harrowing in its way) and discovered The Other One. The premise is that after their father dies two girls find out that they are sisters. He had two families and called the daughters in both by the same name. The relationship seems doomed to failure but the families are forced together by the need to scatter the father’s ashes.

It’s fun. Give it a watch.

Kirk out