No Hand Signals

Another one from 2 years ago

Sarada Gray

Back in the day learning hand signals used to be part of the driving test, presumably in case your electrics went on the blink.  From memory waving an arm up and down meant ‘I am slowing to a halt’, rotating a hand in one direction meant – oh, I can’t remember because I never used them; but so prevalent were they that disabled drivers used to put a notice on the car boot saying ‘No Hand Signals.’

Nowadays, alongside these official signs have evolved a set of informal but generally understood hand signals.  First, the thanks signal for when someone lets you out of a side road or allows you to pass an obstacle.  This consists of a raised palm which, in order to be sure the other driver has seen it, should be left in place for at least a couple of seconds.  (This presumably would not be encouraged…

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2 thoughts on “No Hand Signals

  1. I believe the right arm should be rotated in a counter-clockwise direction to indicate turning left; presumably, the logic being that from the top of the circle the direction of the arm is towards the nearside of the car; or am I over-thinking? 😉 Suffice to say I think the usage of [legitimate] hand signals has died out, to be replaced by the more, ahem, unorthodox signals! Incidentally, when I took my motor-cycle test about 40-ish years ago, hand signals were also mandatory, but I never see one from a motor-cyclist now; mind you, car drivers seem very lazy about using indicators, and don’t get me started about drivers sitting at traffic lights with their foot on the brake, instead of using the handbrake……… Cheers, Jon.

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