My Mouse Went Backwards

Regular readers will know that I occasionally have rodent problems. A couple of years ago I got hold of a left-handed mouse which is perfectly shaped to the hand and whose buttons are reversed so that it’s more natural for us lefties. I have an interesting combination of handedness which I haven’t yet figured out; I used to think I was left-handed in writing and right-handed in everything else but I’ve noticed there are certain things which I pick up with my left hand, whereas others feel more natural in the right. If I’m holding a book, for example, I’ll always hold it in the left hand because it feels unnatural in the right. We don’t think about these things as a rule, we just do them. I ought to make a list of things I do left-handedly and see what they have in common. Anyway, I’m quite wedded to my left-handed mouse so I get a bit distressed when it runs amok. Its eye needs regular cleaning or else the cursor goes berserk and it seems to eat up the batteries rather fast (naturally we try to use rechargeable ones but as fast as we can buy them they get snapped up.) This morning however, I found that for no explicable reason the mouse had switched over its buttons. I know you can do this by twiddling with settings on the computer but I definitely didn’t do that, and I don’t see how it could have happened by accident. So I reckon the mouse just got bored in the night. Anyway, OH came up and sorted it all out so they’re back to being back to front now, which is just the way I like it.

Have you ever noticed which hand you use for things?

Kirk out

7 thoughts on “My Mouse Went Backwards

  1. I’m naturally right-handed, but coincidentally, I’ve always felt more comfortable using a mouse in my left hand, although I never felt the need to reset the button positions. I occasionally still use a mouse with a desktop, but it’s relegated to being mostly a dust-collector [although the printer is connected through it] because I use a laptop with a trackpad most often. Otherwise, I try to be ambidextrous, but my right hand usually wins for more precise actions as a result of the better control. I think using a left-hand drive car for a few years back in the ’90s might have helped. Cheers, Jon.

    1. Interesting – I often wonder if you can teach yourself to use the other hand for things. I know left-handed kids used to suffer when forced to use the right, but that was because they were punished and told it was wrong. But maybe if you train yourself? I’ve tried writing with the right hand and I find it very laborious. It’s tempting to wonder if I’d write very different stuff if I managed it though

  2. As you know, I’m what I call “cross-dominant” although I’m not sure I’m using that right. I noticed about ten years ago. Up until then I thought I was extremely right handed. As for pointing devices, I use them with my left hand but their buttons right-handedly.

  3. At infant school others used to ask “Which hand do you wipe your bottom with” (that’s a polite version), and when you answered they said “Urgh! How dirty. I use toilet paper.”

  4. LOL! That’s a good one. I use the right (with toilet paper of course). Though when I was in India I used water and the left hand. I used the right for eating. This is the traditional practice and based on superstitions about the left hand

  5. I assume you’re using Windows 10, and this will explain why the buttons changed over… Microsoft like to bugger us about like this with their Windows Updates; just last week they insisted my Region be set to the US instead of the UK (with various keyboard keys moved around) and I had to do a song and a dance to change it back.
    During my watch-wearing years I wore my watch on my right wrist even though I identify as right-handed and therefore wearing it on the left would be the norm, but on my left wrist is just feels weird. I hold books with my left hand when reading as this makes note-taking easier (which I do with my right-hand).
    When driving I change gears with my left hand, but that’s because I’m British.

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