My Guardian Article is Out

Aeons ago you may remember that I gave an interview to the Guardian about what it’s like being the straight partner of someone with gender dysphoria. I’d more or less given up on seeing it in print as the editors seemed to get very twitchy and demand changes which I didn’t want so a lot of emails were sent back and forth. You may recall that a while ago they wanted to interview the partners as well to get their take on it: this was almost a deal breaker for me but OH, may whose cotton socks be ever blessed, said it was my story and declined to be interviewed.

Anyway they were supposed to let me know when it was coming out but nobody did, so it was lucky I happened to get a Guardian yesterday. And there it was!

And here it is:

Kirk out

4 thoughts on “My Guardian Article is Out

  1. That was very fortuitous for you [or you could maybe believe it was predestined? Who knows!] that you found the paper yesterday: it’s always disappointing when people don’t keep their promises, notwithstanding the mitigating circumstances. Will you do a follow-up post giving us a picture of the response to your article? Cheers, Jon.

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