Headline of the Week

The headline of the week award this week must go to the Guardian, for their article on Dyson. Learning that their institute of technology now has the power to award its own degrees, the headline was… drum roll…



Sheer genius – though I do find it rather depressing that the guys in the photo are all young white males. Are these the people who actually do the vacuuming? I’d like instead to see pictures of Hilda-Ogden types in headscarves, possibly minus the drooping fag end. To be fair, it does say that a third of the institute’s graduates are women, and to be even more fair Dyson has identified a lack of engineers in Britain which he blames on the perceived elitism of university culture. I’m with him there and on the whole I admire Dyson’s approach to invention; they make good, durable and useful products with a minimum of the gadgetry so beloved by other tech companies. Less admirable is his vocal support for Brexit followed by the decision to relocate the Head Office to Singapore, though to be fair that only meant the loss of two jobs so perhaps wasn’t as bad as it was reported. Gosh, it’s hard to know what to think sometimes. No wonder people turn to social media – the answers are so much easier there.

Anyway, what is there to say on this rather dull Wednesday morning? My jumper is nearly finished and when it is I shall put it on immediately since there’s a medium-weight jumper vacuum in my wardrobe. Of course, the moment I finish it the weather will turn warm and sunny so think on and if it does you’ll know you have me to thank. I’m also working on a short story about a woman who finds a pair of sunglasses on the beach. Doesn’t sound too thrilling I know, but then these are no ordinary sunglasses. And in just a few ticks when I’ve uploaded this post I shall be bringing you the next thrilling instalment of Leave Means Leave. I wonder if she’ll be leaving with or without a deal?

Kirk out

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