What Wazzzzzz That?

I had the most brilliant idea for a blog post at 6 o’clock this morning but then I pushed out a few zzzs and it flew away. Let’s just ramble on for a while and see if it flies back again. I’ve been reorganising and cleaning – or attempting to clean – the place we optimistically call the pantry; in reality a lumber room whose walls are blackened by decades of grime no hand has attempted to remove. I gave it a scrub yesterday and then another scrub and yet another, and succeeded in lightening the black to a sort of creamy-grey. I briefly considered hiring some sort of jet-cleaning system, but rejected this on the grounds that it might be a bit wet indoors, so I’m now open to suggestions since scrubbing the whole lot by hand is not terribly appealing. Perhaps I’ll consult the B&Q guru… anyway, I’m setting aside a week later this month to do jobs which are mounting up, such as transforming the pantry into a region of glorious shining white and whipping the garden into some sort of shape.

Having spent the morning wrestling with the filth I was fit for nothing more after lunch than slumping in front of a box set. I’ve finally got around to watching Broadchurch, a series everyone raved about when it was on but which I somehow resisted, probably because I don’t like watching stuff on ITV. It’s highly gripping and twists the nerves with every episode but there are things I didn’t like; some of the acting is overdone and aspects of the trial are inaccurate: the defence does not have to prove innocence as they claim; it is the prosecution’s job to ascertain guilt. Nevertheless there are some great plot twists and David Tennant and Olivia Coleman make a terrific leading pair. I shall watch series 3 and then hand down my final judgment.

I hope you are still enjoying the short story serial. There are a few episodes left to come and then I’ll post the whole thing. Have a good week.

Kirk out

PS What was that idea I had for a blog post?

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