Last Post

I think you must be quite a tactful lot: even though you probably noticed that last Friday’s post was a bit of a mess with unreasonable brackets and blanks not filled in, you were polite enough not to comment. The reason for this was that as I was half-way through editing it, we got some news which caused me to hit ‘publish’ and run downstairs. The news was that a friend of ours had died. It wasn’t a surprise – she’d been ill for ages and we knew the end was coming – but it was still a shock. How is it that something can not be a surprise but still be a shock? I will get back to doing more shout-outs to followers but right now we are all in mourning and Friday’s post will stand as it is, as a testament to that. There’s a lot of death around at the moment, with two other friends terminally ill and aged relatives who are failing fast so I can’t write any more at the moment.

Kirk out