No News is No News

For obvious reasons I’m avoiding the news today. Normally on a post-election morning OH comes in scattering me with bad news before I’ve even had time to prise open the eyelids but I’ve complained about this loud and long so this morning I was merely asked if I ‘wanted to hear the news.’ This was better, though not altogether so because it reminded me that there was news to be heard, something I’d managed entirely to forget during the night.

It was exceptionally cold here last night as this morning’s frost attests. I’m glad of it as it seems to show that lockdown and its attendant inactivity have had a positive effect on the environment. Recent Novembers have been largely damp and unseasonably warm with flowers attempting to regrow and a Lazarus-like revival of dead plants, whereas Bonfire Nights in my youth were generally pretty cold. I’m glad to see a return to this, even though Andy and I were frozen to our benches last night as we virtuously met outdoors in the pub. It was practically our last chance to do so, since lockdown starts tomorrow.

I’m not following the US election today. Votes have been cast; alea jacta est, as Julius Caesar was fond of saying – in Asterix at least – and all we have to do now is wait. So I shall be thinking of other things today. Of what shall I be thinking? (Incidentally, have you noticed how exceptionally grammatical I’ve been today? Not a split infinitive in sight.) Perhaps I’ll do a Fast Show sketch and appear from a tumbledown shed door saying ‘This week I shall be mostly thinking about…’ but what will I be thinking about? Damn, now I’ve gone and spoiled it all by ending a sentence with a preposition. Up with which we must not end.

Apparently pubs are now allowed to sell beer for carry-out so please support your local real-ale pub and go along and get some. Here’s a list for those in Leicestershire.

That’s all from an exceptionally frosty England. Oh, not to be in England, now that Brexit’s here…

So apparently this week I shall be mostly thinking about Brexit and beer.

Kirk out