The Fat Lady Has Not Sung

Well that didn’t last long: my resolve to avoid the news lasted until just after I hit ‘publish’ on yesterday’s post and then I could no longer help myself. Once I’d checked the news sites and heaved a sigh of something – not sure if it was relief or hopelessness – I kept checking back like an obsessive keeping tabs on a football match they’re not allowed to watch. Biden’s ahead, but will it be enough? It’s looking as if he’ll win but it ain’t over till it’s over. Will Trump’s ridiculous bluffs about cheating translate into anything solid? Or will they blow themselves out like a squall at sea? Even if they do, will his infantile posturing lead to riots and discontent? Even if the courts find against him, how many of his supporters will still believe he was cheated of victory?

I still, after four years, cannot conceive of how anyone with half a brain could vote for such a man. We are through the looking-glass here and it’s not enough to say that only morons and the utterly corrupt voted Republican; plenty of otherwise sane and sensible people did so, otherwise he would not have got in. But as Lady Bracknell might have observed, to vote for Trump once might be construed as carelessness; to vote for him twice looks like stupidity. I simply cannot understand it – and I don’t like not understanding. But hey ho. At the time of writing Biden has 264 seats (if seats is the right word, which it isn’t) and Trump 214: that’s better than it was yesterday and looking good, since postal ballots favour the Democrats. First one to 270 wins. It’s closer than anyone would have liked but I’m cautiously – oh, so cautiously! optimistic.

I started Nanowrimo this week, a project tentatively called A Saturday Afternoon in the Museum of Thought, and it’s going well so far. My daily target is 2400 words and I’m hitting that. Yesterday was a bit of a struggle at first but then it picked up. Since I don’t work weekends there are only 21 working days in November so my daily target is higher than other people’s.

Please god let Biden win – and soon.

Kirk out

2 thoughts on “The Fat Lady Has Not Sung

  1. I agree with your sentiments concerning Trump; Biden wouldn’t be my first choice, by a long shot [pardon the expression], but his essential advantage is that he’s not Trump. Cheers, Jon.

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