Remember You’re a What?

I had a thought yesterday which I must share with you. Now that Boris Johnson’s position is looking more precarious it occurred to me that he might, like Roman Emperors, have someone whispering in his ear: Remember that you’re mortal. This was supposed to provide a salutary balance in the days of imperial Rome and remind Caesars in their moment of triumph that they, too, would die. They could, of course, achieve immortality by being made a God, something both Caligula and Augustus managed and which I’m sure Trump would like to do too if he believed in any kind of afterlife. But he doesn’t seem to believe in God, so I expect he’d like the next best thing, ie immortality on earth. He’d like monuments and memorials, he’d like endless power which he could hand on to his children. He’d like the name of Trump to be remembered and celebrated forever (‘my name is Trump, President of Presidents – look on my works, ye mighty, and despair…’)

Trump may be damaging his chances of coming back in 2024 by his behaviour now; by refusing to concede, by clinging to power and launching challenge after challenge he is, as Joe Biden says, making both himself and America look ridiculous – and if he goes too far, this will not be forgotten. Then again we should never underestimate the blind loyalty of his followers. So we’ll see.

Today I shall be mostly… carrying on with my Nanowrimo project. I’m up to 16,800 words at the moment so we’re on track.

Oh, and the thought I had about Boris Johnson was that if he had someone whispering in his ear saying: Remember that you’re mortal he’d probably mishear it and think they were saying Remember you’re a Womble.

He’d make a good Womble, I think. Probably Orinoco

Kirk out