Of Mice and Me

For the first time ever I’m writing this on my phone. So if it seems a little abrupt or acronym-heavy, that’ll be why. The reason for this departure from normal practice is the perversity of found objects. I’ll explain: the other day I was tidying and found several deceased rodents, namely USB mice, lurking in various corners. ‘I don’t need these’ I thought, and tidied them into boxes. Now anyone knows that things, once tidied away, will never be found again: we all further know that the moment this happens you will discover an urgent need for said objects. And so it is, for my cordless mouse needs its batteries charging and of course I can’t find any of the corded mice. Nor can replacement batteries ever be found: AA batteries are like gold dust in this house.

I don’t know about you but I had a pretty good weekend, fairly chilled but satisfying – apart from one thing. A new Londis has opened in town and I thought I’d give it a go; I bought a few things and then was delighted to discover a whole range of Indian ingredients at the back. In Leicester we could get these everywhere but not in Loughborough. They had big bags of spices, loads of dried pulses and a squillion types of flour. ‘Great,’ I thought, ‘I’ll get some chappati flour.’ But they only had enormous bags. I asked if there were any smaller. They said no, but they’d order some. I went in twice but in spite of them assuring me that it would be there, it wasn’t. I then discovered a type of flour that looked feasible and asked what it was. ‘It makes brown chappatis,’ said the guy. I was sceptical about this but took it home and discovered that it was millet flour, not for chappatis at all. So now I’m annoyed that they bullshitted me. It’s very short-sighted of them because I was enthusiastic before and now I’m not.

How was your weekend? Any frustrating shopping experiences to share?

Kirk out