Christoph is Here

Look up to the sky: is it raining? No? Then it’s about to rain. Yes, storm Christof is upon us (who chooses these names, and why? I know they’re going through the alphabet alternating male and female names but why Christoph? It reminds me of the creepy director in The Truman Show.) If you have flooding I sympathise; we are not affected here but I have in the past sat and worked out what it would take to flood this house. The park over the road is low-lying and often reduced (or increased) to a swamp with streams running where joggers once ran, so in theory the water only has to cross the road for it to be knocking on our door. But under the road there’s an underpass so that would have to be filled right to the top first, so I guess it’d take a while.

I can’t imagine anything worse than being flooded out of your house in the middle of winter, losing furniture and carpets and just drying out in time for the next lot of floods, not to mention being denied insurance cover. It’s horrid, and all the more reason for us to strain every sinew to halt and reverse climate change. I go round this house turning radiators off (I would turn the heating off but we have an elderly person in residence) and I’m thankful that in the current situation we are not damaging the planet at the usual rate.

A propos of which OH and I have been greatly enjoying David Attenborough’s latest offering, ‘Perfect Planet.’ I’d gone off watching him because so much of his work was – quite rightly – dedicated to showing the damage we are doing to the earth, and it made me feel sick at heart. When I see images of a deformed turtle unable to grow because it got caught in one of those plastic rings we use just to keep cans together – just something convenient, not even fulfilling a need! – I feel deeply ashamed to be human.

But Perfect Planet is not like that; it’s a global sweep focussing each week on a different aspect of life on earth; volcanoes, oceans, the sun, and so on, and showing how different species survive under these conditions. Global warming is there but in the background, as it were, so it’s a much more heartening series to watch.

Kirk out

3 thoughts on “Christoph is Here

  1. Yes, it’s raining: steadily, and the ground hereabouts is already sodden. At least it feels milder, so I should be able to get away without firing up the wood burner this evening; which also means not having to go out in the rain, albeit to shelter in a tiny wood store, to cut more fuel. You mentioned insurance: now, there’s a scam! I only have car insurance because it is a “legal” requirement; I believe New Zealand had a system where the government settled claims, but I don’t know if that still applies. We are living in a state of constantly-induced fear, and the ‘market’ works full-time to encourage this, but we need those jobs…… Cheers, Jon.

    1. Too true; insurance only works when you don’t need it. Yet another reason, if it were needed, for hanging on like grim death to the NHS

  2. Although I only live 400 yards away from a small river that has burst its banks, the water never gets as far as the road I live on. But I have frequent flooding in an outbuilding (brick-built shed) that is caused by ‘ground water seepage’. It seems little can be done, short of demolishing it and digging better foundations. So I arranged a ‘blanket-dam’ across one side, to stop the water getting under the freezer and tumble-drier kept out there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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