My brain’s in a whirl this morning. I had a difficult phone call last night and of course woke around five and started mulling it over, composing emails in my mind and making speeches to the darkened air. I wish I could find a way to control my brain but I guess that’s the price you pay for creativity. Some people worry about the gas bill; I compose limericks and try to rhyme weird words with other weird words. Though I have been known to worry about the gas bill as well.

I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to be eco-friendly of late; I go round the house turning off radiators and putting on more layers if I’m cold. The pandemic has been good in that I haven’t driven anywhere – my mileage in the last year must be less than 300 and since December the furthest I’ve been is down to the supermarket for my ‘click and collect’ order. Which reminds me, I need to put in another one… but I’m starting to worry that the battery will go flat, so today I’m going to take her out for a short spin and blow-dry and have a walk by the canal to clear my head.

That’s all for today. I can’t assemble any thoughts. So how have you been?

Kirk out

3 thoughts on “Whirlmind

  1. In addition to keeping a car battery topped up, I have heard it said that the hot-cold cycle helps to keep engine seals doing their thing, and oil circulated to where it’s needed, that and brakes and suspension need to go through their motions every once in a while. Also, condensation in a steel exhaust tends to rust them through. Just a few things to consider in addition to your gas bill 😉

  2. “Turning off radiators”? You’re lucky! [as per “The four Yorkshiremen” 😉 ] I’ve gone over onto coal in my wood burner, using the purpose-built grate, but it can’t seem to sustain a good fire hot enough to heat the radiators for more than a couple of hours: there must be a reason for that, but it will require some experimentation; I dread to think how bad it might have been if I didn’t now have the double glazing. I’m hoping it’s going to stop pouring down sometime soon, so that I can empty the ash pan and bring in more coal, but there doesn’t seem much prospect of that right now. Oh well…… Cheers, Jon.

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