Grump, Grunt, Growl and Grouch

I am this close to giving up on wordpress (I’m holding my finger and thumb up and I would post a picture but I haven’t managed to upload one for ages.) It’s a struggle every day to make a post because of this new blocks format and it’s quite clear to me that they are trying to push us all in the direction of paid formats. It’s a real shame because I get a lot out of doing this blog, but all the time more obstacles are put in the way. It’s months since I managed to upload a picture and every time I write something I have to wrestle with the Blocks features. I don’t have the technical language to describe what my problems are but other wordpress sufferers will know what I mean. I realise that there are ‘workarounds’ to get back to the classic editor but whenever I’ve tried these they haven’t worked – either because the link doesn’t take me where it’s supposed to or because I haven’t understood the instructions. In any case, the whole point is to make life simpler. All I want to do is sit down at the computer, write something, edit it and then hit publish. I don’t want a lot of technical fidgy-widginess (little Black Books reference there for fans.)

It reminds me of supermarket checkouts. Not so long ago there were lots of staffed checkouts with a few self-checkouts at the end. On principle I avoided these as they take away people’s jobs – god knows, scanning bar codes and moving products from one conveyor belt to another isn’t much of a job, but it’s something. But now they’ve increased the number of self-checkouts and cut back on the staffed ones so that in order to use the latter you have to wait in line while half a dozen people empty their trolleys and fill their bags and find their purses and scan their cards and gather up their receipts and leave. Yesterday I bounded up to one such till which was nearly empty but the customer in front glared at me as I’d forgotten to keep sufficient distance, so I gave up on it (in any case she spent ages arranging and rearranging her stuff and was likely to be the sort of sociopath who doesn’t put the till divider* down for the next customer.) Anyway the point I’m making is that if businesses don’t want you to use a certain facility they will make it harder and harder until you give up.

*the word for this is tildonk – at least according to The Meaning of Liff.

So what to do? Give up on this blog altogether? I’m reluctant to do that as I’ve built up a following over the years; besides, it gives a shape to my working day and connects me with readers. I could switch to Blogger but supposedly WordPress is more geared to text writing than other platforms, so I don’t know. So here’s my question to those of you who use paid platforms: are they worth the money? Have you got extra readers that way? Do you sell stuff? If I had stuff to sell it’d be worth it but at the moment I haven’t. So let me know.

In the meantime I’ll just sit here and grump.

Grump grump grump grump grump

Kirk out

9 thoughts on “Grump, Grunt, Growl and Grouch

  1. I share your pain. I instinctively choose the free version of anything, if it is available, so I don’t know how much better, if any, the paid version of WP is. I also don’t know if the look and/or layout of the free interface varies between browsers [or versions of browsers: aaarrrggghhh!], but when I write a new post, the ‘classic’ block is the first option in the block list, so I can just click on it to format the paragraph; I have to do it this way, because I like justified text, which isn’t a standard option [aaarrrggghhh! again] so I have to use the ‘edit as html’ option, to add style=”text-align: justify;” within the <p> tag at the beginning of the paragraph – straight after the ‘p’ and a space. I know this might sound a bit fiddly, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s a breeze, and of course, you can copy & paste for additional paragraphs: I seem to remember having problems if I pasted in the whole post in one go and then tried to format the separate paragraphs. Whether you want to justify or not, I hope this helps! Cheers, Jon.

  2. WordPress is better than Blogspot, in my opinion, I started with Blogspot, then moved to WordPress, which even in the new versio us still better. Paying at the moment wouldn’t offer anything more that would be useful at all, really, it seems to me.

  3. What device do you use to blog?

    Do you know how to “copy” and “paste” on your device? If you have an image on screen, from your files or on a web browser, and you can “copy” it, it can then be “pasted” into the post anywhere. It should work, the editor will create the image block automatically.

  4. I still use the old editor, and haven’t used the block editor yet.
    I access it very simply from the Admin page.

    At the top of Posts, you will see a box next to the word.
    Add New
    Click on it, and classic editor is the second drop-down option.
    When you click on that, it is exactly the same as when I started blogging in 2012.
    I can add images and photos from the Media Library in the same way too, as well as links like You Tube clips.

    Once you have saved a draft, you do have to repeat the process to use the classic to alter or update it.

    I have a paid plan, the Personal Plan. It is only £36 a year, and gives me 6GB of space allowance, no advertisements, and instant access to WP help online. I think it is worth it for those features. But it makes no difference to being able to permanently stay with the Classic Editor.To do that, you have to use a Plugin, and that is only available on the expensive ‘Professional Plan’.

    Whe WP removes the classic option, probably late this year, I will be in the same situation. Seriously considering giving up blogging.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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