Wot No Post?

A chad in my day used to be an image like this one: a nose, two hands and two eyes peeping over a wall with the caption: ‘Wot no….?’

'I think we can be fairly sure that this one is not a Banksy.'
Cartoonstock.com image removed on request
"Wot, no economy?"
Cartoonstock.com image removed on request

But a brief trawl of the internet has thrown up several new definitions, none of which is funny or cartoon-like; the most common being an alpha male as described by a self-styled ‘incel’. Nevertheless today’s cartoon chad, if I had the skill to produce it, would say Wot no post? because there is no blog post today. Well, apart from this one which I’ve posted to tell you there is no post. And why not? Because I have far too many and complicated thoughts which need to be spread out, viewed from afar and organised. They will probably end up forming posts for the rest of the week. So watch this space and in the meantime have a good Monday. It’s snowing here…

Kirk out

6 thoughts on “Wot No Post?

  1. Snowing here, too. I managed to get out for a trundle round the block after lunch, but I was very glad to be wearing [mostly 😉 ] the balaclava that I’d remembered I had tucked away in a drawer for this rare sort of occasion; I wondered while I was walking along the main road if a passing police car might take an interest, thinking I was on my way to/from a bank job, but then again, face coverings of various descriptions are de rigeur now, so probably not. With regard to the chad, I don’t know if this is a regional name: I was aware of it from my childhood, but I don’t recall it being called that; unfortunately, no other name comes to mind. I think it’s one of those images that seem to have fallen out of fashion. I must be out of touch, because I’ve no idea what an incel is. Cheers, Jon.

  2. I think it’s probably a very good sign that you don’t know what an incel is. It stands for ‘involuntarily celibate’ which is how some guys refer to themselves when they don’t have a partner. There’s a whole sub-culture of resentment there against women and ‘successful’ guys which it’s probably best not to go into

  3. That was how I also knew ‘Chad’. I can’t really keep up with the new terms. I stopped trying when I heard people saying ‘Sick’ to mean ‘Good’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. IKWYM (do you know that acronym? LOL) Pete. Nowadays with the internet there’s so many words I don’t know. I wrote an entire short story based on the word ‘jizz’ which as far as I knew meant the unmistakeable outline of a bird in the sky – short for ‘just is’ – only to be informed by OH that it means sp*nk and that that meaning has overtaken the first. Sigh.

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