And Now Look! Synchronicity or What?

You won’t believe this. I know I’ve blogged about Proust before but it’s not something I do very often – maybe once a year or so – and on the very day I decide to start reading him and order a book, guess what happens? This happens:

I guess in France this is headline news but so disinclined are we to philosophise that over here it barely gets a footnote. Nevertheless, it’s potentially very exciting: seventy-five previously undiscovered pages of Proust have been found; pages which give the background and an early draft of parts of ‘Swann’s Way.’ They’re going to be published in March, so I’ll look out for that. Then again, it may prove to be as dull as the undiscovered Beatles single that was found some time in the 90’s. There was a huge fuss about this and in the end it turned out to be dull and pedestrian in the extreme. I can’t find a link to that one but I’ll keep looking. Meanwhile here’s some Synchronicity: link removed on request

Here’s the Beatles track, thanks to OH:

Kirk out

4 thoughts on “And Now Look! Synchronicity or What?

  1. When I was studying for French A-level, we were given the first part of the Proust novel A la recherche du temps perdu. (In French of course) I struggled through the translation, and came up with a couple of required essays (in French of course) after a lot of hard work. Then I thought I might read it in English, and was staggered to see it was in 7-volumes. I never did get through even half of it, to be honest.
    Life got in the way. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Good lord, you poor things! I think even degree-level students would struggle with that. I tried to read some in French but it’s hard enough in English. It does take a lot of time to read properly I agree

  3. I have read a bit of Jung in my time, and I think he had a very interesting take on how little we understand our inner landscape; in the course of his writing about synchronicity, I think he might have mentioned [whilst not dismissing the concept] that when a synchronicity is observed, we unconsciously notice events which will reinforce that judgment: I was watching an old Steven Fry-era episode of QI yesterday evening, and who should be mentioned in the course of the banter but Marcel Proust! Ain’t life grand? Cheers, Jon.

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