Today’s Guest Blogger on Making the Most of Your Ideas

Today Saatvik Argwal from talks about how to record all your ideas to make them work for you.

Idea Journal containing concepts for mobile application project!

What if there was a way to come up with billion-dollar ideas? And what if I tell you that you already missed yours!

You can see this article as a TED talk by me! Click here.

Human beings get around 70,000 ideas a day, and out of the many unapparent ones, some ideas might just be life-changing. Recording these ideas can be your key to success. Since 2017, days I have been recording every thought I got. Now, I invite you to do the same for the next 30 days. Use any medium to record your thoughts- phone memos, diaries, voice recorders, sticky notes, chats, walls, tissue paper, you name it!

Ideas that seem irrelevant to you may be the big-ticket for somebody. So remember to note down everything. Noting down all your ideas and thoughts forces you to analyze everything, make new neural connections and new creative interpretations.

Collage of old timey diaries and journals.

The world has seen pioneers and visionaries like Marco Polo, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin who owe their success to their diaries. Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy has been preserved in over 7,000 pages of notes and illustrations. George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, the book series that inspired The Game of Thrones began as an entry in his diary. The World of Narnia was a vivid dream C. S. Lewis had when he was 16 and wrote in his dream journal.


You never know which napkin has your billion-dollar invention. Speaking of which, writing anything on the back of a napkin sounds impractical–they’re tricky to write on without tearing, and which side is the back? But say that to the physicists who drew up the MRI scanner at a sandwich joint, to the architects of Seattle space needle, to the designer of Farington B- the font still used on every credit card, to the creators of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week- world’s longest-running cable TV event, to the animators of PIXAR’s Finding Nemo! to J. K. Rowling who created the magical world of Hogwarts while waiting for the train. Just imagine what our world would be like if it wasn’t for that little urge to record these small ideas.

1000 Days of Writing Every Idea I Got out my TED Talk!

Above: 1000 Days of Writing Every Idea I got | Saatvik Agrawal | TEDxOOBSchool

Wanna dive deeper into the efficient 3 step note-taking process that I used to record all my thoughts, over 1000 days? Fancy using note-taking to learn life lessons? Need help in managing your emotions, relationships, and decision-making. Decode your daily dilemmas by watching my TED talk! As a bonus, I do my ‘Gollum the Hobbit’ impression in the video, go check it out!

What has 1000 days of writing down all my ideas given me? Possibly a billion dollars. And you can have it too, just remember to note it down!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Guest Blogger on Making the Most of Your Ideas

  1. I have two notebooks. One is for ideas for blog posts, and the other (larger) one is to keep track of dates and names in my fiction serials. As for dreams, if I wake up after a ‘good one’, I write a blog post about it very soon after. I had a small notebook a few years ago that I used for ‘Thoughts’. They became my posts in the recent ‘Short Thoughts’, series.
    But I am still not close to a billion dollars. Not even one dollar in fact. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That’s really cool to hear! It interesting to see someone practising written ideation, from half-way around the world. If you would like to know more about written ideation and using diaries for solving everyday problems you can have a look at my TED talk:

  2. Wow so excited to see the blog up! Just a little thing. My name is Saatvik Agrawal. Thank you!

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