What Do You Really Want?

I’m in the process of rethinking this blog and asking myself some damned searching questions. What is it all for? Why do I do it? Where is it going? And most importantly of all, what do readers want?

I’m not expecting to get a flood of responses to this but I’m going to ask you anyway: what do you want to read about? What do you like about this blog? What annoys you? (This is not McDonald’s so I can’t promise to increase one and get rid of the other but it’s interesting to find out.) Are you engaged with the political posts or do you prefer a nice TV review? Would you like to know more about my writing processes? (me too; wish I could understand them.) Do book reviews float your boat? Or reminiscences about my past life? Or maybe you’d like me to challenge myself by writing about something completely different.

You may not have any thoughts at all about this. Your mind may be a complete blank. But even so just drop me a like or an emoji or an ‘it’s all fine.’ I’ll appreciate it.

Kirk out