Land of No Nod

Just when you think you’ve cracked the sleeping problem, 3 am hits and you’re tossing and turning once more. It doesn’t help if your partner has developed a snoring habit compelling you to don earplugs either.

We had a bit of a dramatic day yesterday in our sleepy-ish corner of Loughborough; two road accidents 500 yards apart. The first was on the main road where a man on a mobility scooter was hit by a lorry; he’s now critically ill in hospital. Ashby Rd was closed nearly all day while police presumably do what they do in that TV series, ie try to figure out what happened. There ought to have been witnesses; it’s a busy road with shops on either side, so we’ll see. I hope the man pulls through but there’s no further news at the moment.

Then lo and behold in the afternoon our street was closed by a couple of fire engines. Turns out a car had flipped onto its roof on one of the side roads, no mean feat as the side roads are not exactly wide; there’s barely room for one car to travel between the parked vehicles. Apparently the driver had collided with one of these vehicles but how exactly the car managed to flip onto its roof is a mystery. It seems likely he was going at some speed – but I’m just speculating. The guy went to hospital but is not thought to be seriously injured. Here’s the story in the Mercury. And here’s a pic from Facebook:

May be an image of road
no copyright breach intended; image removed on request

In between all the drama I sussed out another bike shop yesterday. Cycle Trax was a bit of a find; a small local place that does repairs and sells all the accessories. The guy was very helpful and said that due to lockdown (or I guess it could be Brexit) the supply of bikes has all but dried up. But he says he’s got some new stock coming in at the end of the week which sounds like just the ticket, so he’s going to give me a ring when they arrive. Exciting!

Thanks for all the encouraging comments about cycling yesterday. And now it’s time to get on with Tuesday.

Kirk out